• Super Laser Racer game music credits – Kimmo /Digital Beat

    I was just googling just for fun to check if thereĀ“s any games using my music. Funnily I happened to find out that one game Super Laser Racer had 2 of my tracks as race music (in game). Video music: Dynamedion – Heavy Engineering SLR in Youtube Original album with my artist name Digital Beat

  • Digital Beat – Dark Sun 100 free albums

    Updated 8th jan 2011. Around 39 albums still available. Hurry up to get yours until free ones run out! You can download the album from this page. http://digitalbeat.bandcamp.com/yum Use following codes to redeem your album. Codes with * are already used. List will be updated manually. up4u-we25 * l6cd-h3sf * qyhs-vwha * f2ec-yspb* 5l64-b4bw *