New Synth VST – Syna 101 – with Synth Maker

By admin

I made this synth “Syna 101” with the Synth Maker that was with Computer Music
latest issue. I made the metallic background with 3d graphics because
I wanted the synth to look more realistic. I used Cinema 4D 10.5.

Features in Syna 101

– All basic synth waveforms: saw, sine, square, triangle and noise
– 2 oscillators
– ADSR contollers for both synths
– State variable filter with Cutoff, Resonance and Tracking
– Freq filters: Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Band Reject and Peaking
– Step LFO
– Effects: ping-pong delay,Distort (gain) and chorus
– 10 preset synth sounds (made by me)

You can download Syna 101 VST for free here:

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